Creating Culture Conscious Campuses

Based on the "Wise Model"                   

Approved by Texas Education Agency

TMPCCs Services:

Educational Coaching/ Educational Planning/Educational Professional Development/Curriculum Writing/Assessment Development/System Designs/Remediation/Test Preparation

TMPCCs Beliefs, Values and Pragmatic Approach:

Student Centered Culture
Culture of High Expectations
Strong Instructional Culture
Culture of Engagement
Safe and Inclusive Schools


The Vision of TMPCC:

  1. To assure that every student acquires an equitable education through the use of best instructional practices.

  2. To assure that every student receives a high-quality education by assuring that every educator is highly trained professionals, that will be able to address students’ social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs.

  3. To assure that every local educational agency, student and teacher is prepared to exercise educational practices on a total digital platform.

The Mission of TMPCC:

  1. TMPCC will instruct educators regarding best practices for the delivery of quality instruction for students; i.e., digitally, in person or online.

  2. TMPCC will provide direct instruction for students in various subject areas to assure academic success.

  3. TMPCC will provide best instructional practices for online learners.

The Mathematics Plus Cognition Center

TMPCC Goals:
1. T
o serve any educational entity, student or educational stake holder regarding educational needs!
2. To assist Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) with the design, professional development (to implement) and monitoring of newly designed educational systems ; district wide or school wide!
3. To assure that every student, teacher and educational stakeholders are equipped to be productive citizens within their learning communities (Culture of Excellence)!


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